How Do I Control Humidity In Garage, My Tools Are Rusting?

February 23rd 2009
How Do I Control Humidity In Garage, My Tools Are Rusting?

Q:  I am having a problem with surface rust accumulating on my tools in my insulated garage. Could you recommend a small dehumidistat-controlled exhaust system I can install, which will help prevent this from happening?

A:  The solution you are looking for is called a WizzVent; this is a multipurpose moisture control unit, which is suited for areas such as this. It monitors any increase in humidity and will respond automatically to maintain humidity levels. This unit is easy to install as well, you simply cut a 4.5-inch hole in the outside wall, no more than a foot from the floor. Fasten the unit to the wall, attach the vent cover to the outside wall and plug in. For more information visit or call them directly at 1-888-430-2244.

Q:  We have a metal door on our front entranceway with white vinyl trim around the glass window that has turned yellow where the sun hits it. Is there any way to clean the yellow off and prevent it from discolouring again?

A:  All metal doors have a primer coat unless otherwise specified. The plastic trim on steel doors will turn yellow if not painted within six months. This is caused by the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Once the trim has yellowed you cannot clean it. The only remedy is to paint it.

To finish steel doors, first wash with Home Cleaning Formula using a scotch brite pad (not steel wool). Wash both sides and rinse with clear water. Remove hardware; select your colour and paint with a top quality exterior semi gloss acrylic latex (EcoLogic, available through Cloverdale Paint, would be a good choice). It's important to note that I do not recommend an oil/alkyd paint since it will not resist the expansion and contraction of the metal caused by the sun, which will then cause the paint to crack and peel.