HouseSmart Referral Network Featured Member - Novus Glass

August 19th 2010
HouseSmart Referral Network Featured Member - Novus Glass

Shell Busey's Home Service Referral Network consists of over 180 members. Every day we have the opportunity to connect homeowners with our network members across Canada.

With so many of our members working with homeowners to satisfy such a large variety of requests, this often creates opportunities for our members to participate in unique projects.

Recently we connected a Home Service Referral Network Member from White Rock, BC, with a customer hundreds of kilometers away in Masset on Haida Gwaii. Specializing in custom glass shower doors, Novus Glass often encounters unique challenges which require their special expertise.

Novus Glass was introduced to the customer, Rosemary, by Shell, who met her while visiting Masset for a totem pole raising with his grandson. She had been back and forth between Vancouver and Masset trying to complete a lengthy renovation.

Shell referred Rosemary to Novus Glass since he had first hand knowledge of their quality of work and efficient service. After speaking to the staff at Novus Glass, the customer arranged for Brent to travel to Masset so he would be able to measure for a new mirror and frameless shower doors. Once all the appropriate measurements were taken, Brent travelled back to White Rock and began to have the glass manufactured.

Brent and his son Matthew arranged for a trip to Masset to install the glass. When they visited Rosemary they were introduced to some of her friends and family and even given a tour of Haida Gwaii so they were able to experience the culture and see some of the beautiful landmarks of the area.

For more information on Novus Glass, feel free to visit their website.