HouseSmart Member - BPM Electric

February 18th 2014
HouseSmart Member - BPM Electric

I want to let you know that we retained BPM Electric to pigtail and replace all the plugs and switches on our aluminum wiring and to pigtail the light fixtures that were fed by aluminum wiring. We also retained them to prepare an inspection report of our electrical system.


Back in 2008 we retained them, on your recommendation, to install a 200 amp panel along with some other work such as wiring up our hot tub.


We were very satisfied with their service in 2008 and we are sending you this email to advise you that once again they came through with flying colours. The staff was friendly, efficient, tidy and certainly knew what they were doing. We would not hesitate to serve as a reference.


Thank you for providing your reference service.


Lynn and Gary