HouseSmart Featured Member -July

May 1st 2008
HouseSmart Featured Member -July

SierraSil has been a proud member of The HouseSmart Home Services Referral Network for just over a year, and while not directly related to Home Services, SierraSil fits the HouseSmart objective of helping people; in SierraSil's case helping people improve their quality of life through relief of chronic inflammation and pain.

SierraSil is a mineral-rich clay that possesses powerful cartilage-protecting properties. Taken as a daily nutritional supplement, this unique natural solution promotes optimal joint health and mobility while providing your body with the trace minerals it needs everyday for thousands of functions, but can't make on its own.

The discovery of SierraSil and it's benefits date back to the early 1970s, when a prospector was looking for gold in the high Sierra Mountains of the USA. What he found instead was natural clay that sparkled when exposed to sunlight. The mineral compounds found in the clay were a result of geo- and hydrothermal forces that occurred in the area. Indigenous rock material was altered by an underground hot water solution that resulted in a very unusual mineral suite.

Dr. Haydn H. Murray, Professor Emeritus of Indiana University and renowned mineralogist conducted an x-ray diffraction analysis of SierraSil and reported: "In my more than 50 years of mineral research, I have never seen a combination of minerals like this before." According to Dr. Murray, the synergistic relationship of the minerals results in the calming of inflammation. Clay's have been used for thousands of years by Indigenous peoples, including Native Americans for their healing properties.

SierraSil has been proven to be completely safe and effective in helping to diminish joint, muscle and tissue pain because it dampens the fires of inflammation quickly.

Shell Busey has been taking SierraSil for just over a year:
"After just a few weeks of taking SierraSil, the pain and inflammation in my knees disappeared-making me feel years younger".

Also many listeners of Shell Busey's Home Discovery Show have found relief from taking SierraSil; in fact the SierraSil website showcases testimonials from people all over North America who have seen benefits from this natural mineral supplement.

If you'd like more information on SierraSil or how to order, contact the HouseSmart Home Services Referral Network at 604 542 2236, toll free at 1 888 266 8806.