HouseSmart Customer Feedback

January 14th 2011
HouseSmart Customer Feedback

"I had listened to Shell talking about the importance of having perimeter drains serviced every once in a while. I listened but didn't do anything about it....that was a mistake.

A couple of weeks ago when seeking Christmas decorations, I found our crawl space covered in about 2 feet of water. The crawl space is underneath our sunken living room, has a cement floor and is about 20' by 16'.

Using your website, I had "Mr. Rooter" come to address the problem. Two of their guys were here for two days. We have a large home with quite a number of "sumps"; eventually they determined that the line connecting the most outermost sump to the city storm sewer had a blockage, removed same, and the problem was solved. Essentially what had happened is that the water from all of our drain spouts from the roof, having nowhere else to go, was backing up into our crawl space. The guys did a great job, in probably the most inclement weather situations possible...I felt very sorry for them, they were freezing and wet...I kept a supply of hot coffee going to them.

My point is this...had I acted on Shell's advice prior to this incident happening, and had routine service conducted, I probably would have been out a few hundred dollars, instead of the $2300 it cost me to resolve the situation once it became a mini-crisis. And the funds spent for the service are quite apart from the losses incurred as a result of our own property stored in the crawl space being ruined by water damage.

I will know better next time."

Best Regards

Bruce from Surrey

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