Hot Water Tank with a Sulphur Odour

August 9th 2002

Question from "S" in Ile des Chenes -----

We recently replace the elements in our electric hot water heater. Prior to that there was a very sulphuric odor from the tap when hot water was being used. The odor disappeared once the tank was emptied and the elements changed - but after a few days it is back. Should we have "flushed" the tank better? We do not have water softener where we live (well water) - but have not had this problem until recently. The hot water tank is a little more than a year old.




Dear "S",

Your hot water heater probably requires a new “Anode Rod”. Ask for an Anti-Corrosive type (available at your local plumbing store). You will find this on top of your tank and using the proper wrench or socket (most likely 1 1/16” or 27mm) remove the Anode Rod base and replace the rod. Note: Shut the water off to the tank before attempting this project!

It’s Just That Easy!