Home Staging Appeals to More Buyers

July 24th 2007
Home Staging Appeals to More Buyers

What is Staging:

Staging is a process that transforms the look of a home, to a house that emotionally appeals to the largest prospective home buying demographic. The home once staged will have maximum appeal and provide the best first impression, often decided within five seconds of the buying process. Because you only get one chance to make a good first impression the staged home will stand out and create a sense of urgency for the buyer to make an offer before someone else does. Empty homes and homes that are not new are competing today with the newer design oriented Show Home, therefore the house must stand out from the competition. Staging, will give the owner of an existing home an edge in the marketplace by enhancing the homes best and most positive features from the inside out. There is no doubt; staging creates dramatic results at a reasonable cost. The cost of staging is far less than your first price reduction.

Transformations can be as simple as adding fresh flowers, decluttering and cleaning the windows or it can involve detailed cosmetic changes and minor maintenance such as replacing light bulbs, tightening taps or door knobs. Cosmetic changes usually create the WOW factor when selling a home and include such things as accessorizing to create harmony, balance, unity and scale; grooming & accentuating the property with potted plants and de-cluttering the home from the inside out. The prospective buyers need to be able to envision their own possessions in the space so it is imperative to de-personalize the home as much as possible. Using a stager to prepare the home for sale is a priceless investment that will ensure the home sells faster and for more money ensuring a solid return on investment. It is crucial to have your house look its best therefore before securing a realtor. To be clear a realtor's job is to merchandise the house for sale. A Stagers job is to prepare the home to be merchandised.

Staging Formula:

S= Space formula deployed, hire a moving company early for the containerize phase, they'll provide boxes and be ready for your move. Remember key for staging is de-personalizing, so what you don't use everyday, pack. No clutter mindset is essential. A visit & home evaluation from the CRSS is conducted with possible solutions for the seller's consideration. A redesign plan is created.

T= Take action: The date to commence is agreed upon and the job could take 1-4 days. Your space is now clutter free!!!! The first step to staging is to remove everything from the room; assess the function of the room, focal point, placement of furnishings, accessories, and art. In this phase it is ideal to paint walls if necessary, then clean carpets, windows, and groom the outside area of the house. This phase is BIG Picture.

A= Assemble the room, place furniture around the focal point, create balance, harmony, unity and scale. Don't be afraid to move things previously used in another room.

G= Focus on details, accessorize groupings by color, size, likeness, theme, or texture, hang wall art and create an overall eye appealing, fresh space. Work with angles vs. against them, check pattern of lighting, use of mirrors, vacuum, clean and exit.

E= Execute your plan to hire a realtor. Shop around and ensure you hire someone who will WORK for you. Having staged your home should now ensure you merchandise it for what its worth and maximize your return on investment. Remember the stager's job is to prepare your home to be merchandised; the realtors' job is to merchandise the home.

What is Staging Redesign?

The goal of redesign is to create a fresh new look for the families that live in their home, with the objective of creating a space they'll love to live in. Redesign is all about personalizing the space reflecting the personalities of the families that LIVE in the home. Staging focuses on de-personalizing the house because the owner is selling.

Redesign focuses on creating a FRESH new look for the existing homeowner, using existing possessions and complimenting the look with updated accessories if required and desired by the owner.