Home Made Ant Killer

May 17th 2007
Home Made Ant Killer

I have had a real problem with ants in my garden and have heard you in the past refer to a home made recipe that one can use to kill these pesky critters. Like I'm sure most of your listeners, I didn't have a pen and paper available, nor did it apply to me at that time, so would you please give me your magic mixture.

Many thanks,

A: Well Stephanie, I had to chuckle when you mentioned not having a pen and paper ready, as I often tell my listeners, they should always have them on hand. Before I give you the home made recipe there is a Residual Spray called Doktor Doom I would also like to mention, as when this is sprayed around the home, window frames, doors and foundation, it prevents ants as well as spiders and a number of insects from entering the house in the first place, this can also be sprayed on ant hills in gardens.

Call Doktor Doom @ 1-800-452-0023 and they will let you know where in your area you can purchase this product.

Home made ant killer:
2 tablespoons of Borax
1 cup of icing sugar

More is NOT better, so stick to these measurements.

Place in flat dish in area where the ants are a problem and this should take care of them once and for all.