Heating System For Under Ceramic Tile Floor

November 10th 2010
Heating System For Under Ceramic Tile Floor

Q. I am in the midst of a kitchen renovation and my Husband wants to go with ceramic tile flooring and I'm considering a good quality vinyl only because I am concerned with the ceramic tile floors being too cold. A friend has suggested I go with some type of heat pad that is installed under the ceramic tiles I have looked into this and there are a couple of different types of heat pads available on the market. I am wondering if there is a system that we can install ourselves when we do the tile and have an electrician do the appropriate wiring.


A: I would recommend you check out the NuHeat system. It is an electric radiant mat system composed of heating wires that are embedded in durable mat, available in 120 volt and 240 volt system fitting most room applications making it ideal for remodeling projects.

A tile setter uses thinset to adhere the system to the subfloor. The ceramic tile or stone is then set over top of the mat in a second layer of thinset. A certified electrician connects the system to your house-hold wiring and installs the programmable thermostats, making it convenient to control the temperature of your room.

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Shell Busey