Hardwood Floors that are Environmentally Friendly

August 1st 2006
Hardwood Floors that are Environmentally Friendly

There is good news for homeowners who have always wanted hardwood floors but fear it's not a practical choice for a busy household of kids and pets. Shell receives calls from homeowners looking for suggested flooring options that fit their lifestyles and more than ever they are considering environmentally friendly products for their homes. Engineered hardwood flooring is probably one of the fastest growing trends in flooring. It has a timeless appearance without sacrificing quality and durability but it's also important to mention that not all hardwoods are created equal.

Today, there are flooring manufactures that provide quality and environmentally friendly choices for healthier homes. Satin Finish, a Canadian owned company, manufactures a full range of Engineered Products that harvest less lumber such as Multi-Plank and Multi-Strip engineered flooring.

Responsible Manufacturing - Satin Finish products utilize 30% less lumber than conventional 1/2" thick solid floors. As well, they are able to use off cuts from out plank flooring production to produce the pickets that form the backing of these products.

Their manufacturing facilities conserve energy by using the sawdust produced and stored in their Kilns which dry the lumber is to heat the kilns themselves. The heat is also re-circulated and also used to heat the manufacturing plants.

The lumber used to manufacture all their hardwood flooring products is bio-degradable unlike synthetic floor coverings and carpet.

Healthier Homes - Consider these 3 important attributes of Satin Finish Hardwood Floors:
- Non Allergenic- their prefinished hardwood floors provide a hygienic and allergy free environment
- Anti-Microbial- The EcoLast finish has an Anti-Microbial Coating which prevents the growth of mildew on your floors.
- Low VOC - EcoLast finish has a low VOC content which means no harmful emissions.