Hardwood Floors Can Go Over Linoleum

February 17th 2015
Hardwood Floors Can Go Over Linoleum



Q:  We live in an older home and are taking up carpet in the dining room to replace it with wood flooring.  We have discovered there is linoleum under the carpet.  Do we need to remove the linoleum before laying the wood flooring?




A:  Many older homes had carpet installed over linoleum.


Remove the carpet and underlay; in some cases, there may be more than one layer of underlay.  When the carpet and underlay is taken up, remove the tack strip the carpet was attached to around the perimeter of the room.


Leave the linoleum or tile as is.  Walk across the room in all directions to ensure that there are no squeaks in the floor.  If you do detect a squeak in the subfloor, take it out.  First drill a hole the size of a two inch number eight Robertson wood screw through the tile and shiplap, stopping at the joist.  This is called a pilot hole; now, using a number eight screw, pull the shiplap tight to the joist.


After repairing any squeaks, apply 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch approved underlay or OSB over top of the linoleum, using 1-1/4 inch ringed underlay nails.  Now you are ready to lay your wood flooring.