Hard Water Stains on Wallpaper

March 13th 2003
Hard Water Stains on Wallpaper


Dear Shell,

I have hard water stains on the waterproof wallpaper in the bathroom. It looks a nicotine build up from smoking, but its not. The rest of the house is fine. We have tried the usual products like Fantastic, amonia.etc, and even home remedies like vineger with no luck. Is there a specific product that removes this discolouration?



Hi Nick,

If the discolouration is on the surface and not under the paper, you may want to try Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Don't use Toilet Bowl Cleaner however, unless you have heavy vinyl backed paper.

Home Hardware or Watkins brands would be satisfactory.

If the stain is under the paper you will have to wait until your next paper project.

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