Hard Water Causing Mineral Build-up in Showerhead

February 14th 2017
Hard Water Causing Mineral Build-up in Showerhead

Q: Hello Shell, we live in an area where hard water is a real problem, especially in the showerhead. It once had a great spray but now it is reduced to a trickle. I have tried numerous cleaners; however nothing has worked thus far. Are you aware of anything that could actually clean the build up out of my showerhead and do you have any suggestions as to what I might do to maintain it?


A: Well Frank, minerals in water cause mineral deposits to build up on things that have constant water moving through them, such as showerheads, bathtubs, basins, faucets, furnace humidifiers and even coffee pots. High levels of lime seem to be the worst because of the residual left behind.

First, try removing the head and soaking overnight in a bath of white vinegar. After soaking use a brush and a needle to remove the now loose mineral deposit.

Rinse and replace, now the spray should be back to normal. Coffee pots and humidifiers can also be cleaned in the same way.

A product called Simple Solution - Hard Water Stain Remover can be used to remove hard water stains on shower doors, glasses, siding etc.