Hand Washing Exterior of Home

April 24th 2007
Hand Washing Exterior of Home

Q: My vinyl siding, gutter and windows are in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. I listen to your show every weekend and I have heard you mention not to powerwash vinyl siding. I have a fairly large house and I am wondering how to get it clean and remove the mossy green from the gutters. It's not a job I am looking forward to but we want to sell our home and it is in desperate need of some TLC.

North Vancouver

A: I know it seems like a major chore cleaning your windows and siding but they are great projects to complete early in the season. All you need to get started is a garden hose, a low pressure sprayer, a long handled brush and a quality exterior cleaning product. Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula, available in powder form can be used for most outside cleaning projects such as; concrete, decks and siding.

To begin, mix the cleaning formula in a low pressure garden sprayer according to the directions on the bottle. Next, wet the area with a hose, spray on the cleaning formula with the garden sprayer. Let sit approximately 3-5 minutes. Scrub with stiff brush and simply rinse off. When cleaning siding, start at the bottom and work up to the top, 2 - 3 rows at one time using a round type brush on a long pole, rinsing as you move upward. DO NOT use the cleaning formula on your windows or in direct sunlight. For windows I like using CV9 Window Cleaner available at most Windsor Plywood and Home Hardware Building Stores.

Keep in mind if you aren't up for the job or if you are not comfortable on ladders, there are services available that will wash houses by hand and do the windows and gutters at the same time. To find a company that cleans siding without pressure washing contact our HouseSmart office at 604-542-2236.

Shell Busey