Habitat for Humanity - ReStores

March 18th 2011
Habitat for Humanity - ReStores

ReStores are building supply stores run by Habitat for Humanity affiliates that accept and resell quality new and used building materials. Shopping at a ReStore is a socially conscious decision, as funds generated are used to fund Habitat homebuilding projects. As well, shopping at a ReStore is also a socially conscious decision, as much of what is sold at ReStores is product that is new, gently used or customer returns that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

What types of products can I expect to find at a ReStore?
Every Habitat for Humanity ReStore is different and offers a unique shopping experience. The inventory is always changing, as items are donated daily by corporate and private donors. You can expect to find items such as windows, doors, paint, hardware, lumber, tools, lighting fixtures, and appliances.

What type of items can be donated to a ReStore?
Commonly donated items include windows, doors, paint, hardware, lumber, tools, lighting fixtures and appliances. Contact your nearest ReStore to determine if what you have can be donated to your local store.

How can I get items to the ReStore?
Items can be brought directly to your local ReStore. If you are unable to bring an item to your ReStore due to its size, the ReStore may be able to arrange a time to pick up the items from your home.

How does shopping at and donating to ReStores help the environment?
When a retailer has goods that can no longer be sold in store, they are often sent to a landfill. Thus, donating end-of-line products and customer returns to a ReStore can substantially reduce waste. In 2010, ReStores across Canada diverted 12,000 tonnes of material from landfills. Individuals can also help to reduce waste by donating items of value that might otherwise be thrown out.

What happens to the money generated by ReStores?
The profits generated by ReStores are used to fund the local affiliate that operates the store. Charities, like any other organization, incur administrative fees and ReStore profits help to cover these costs. As a result, money raised by the affiliate by conventional means, such as through individual and corporate giving, can go directly towards local builds and providing more families in the community with safe, decent and affordable housing.

Recently the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Regina contacted Shell to let him know how much their staff enjoyed listening to his HouseSmart Radio Program, and also to talk about their new location. They now have over 10,000 sq ft of sales floor and a huge canopy at the entrance of the store so their customers now enjoy shopping in a warm store not a cold warehouse. If you're in the Regina area, feel free to drop in and see what they have in stock. They are located at 1740 Broder Street.

There are 65 ReStore locations across Canada, to find a ReStore nearest you visit their website Habitat for Humanity ReStore.