Giving Fresh Style To Kitchen Cabinets

September 26th 2014
Giving Fresh Style To Kitchen Cabinets


Q:  We would like to update our 1980s-look white laminate kitchen cabinets with oak pulls and trim. I have heard of cabinet re-facing; it sounds like it could save us some money since our cupboards are in good shape, just dated. Would this work for our cabinet doors?



A:  Updating your cabinet fronts is more economical than having the entire cabinet structure replaced, and this will really have an impact on the look of your kitchen. It's a less messy job than doing a complete overhaul and usually takes only a few days.

To begin, contact a kitchen cabinet refurbishing company to give you an estimate and to find out what type of finishes and styles are available for a new door design.

The process involves removing the old doors and drawer fronts. The cabinet frames, door and drawer fronts are resurfaced with the new finish and new hardware is installed. Alternatively, they may be replaced with new doors of a different style.

This is also a good time to address your kitchen organization and install some sliding drawers, dividers or a Lazy Susan. Finishing it off with a new countertop and kitchen faucets will complete your newly renovated kitchen at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

Do not overlook the fact that there are many decorative knobs and pulls available. If your doors are in good shape, the addition of some fancy new hardware, a new countertop and faucets will give your kitchen a fresh new look. Another popular option is to paint the doors with a decorative fossil paint.