Get Organized

August 1st 2006
Get Organized

FYI: Your garage is not a storage locker. It's not a dump, a home for broken equipment or a place for excusable messes. A garage is a place to park your car. It's a place to store sporting equipment, lawn and snow equipment and possibly your tools.

Many, many people are plagued with Messy Garage Disease. Thankfully, there are products abound to help you turn your messy chaos into clutter-free space.

Pegboard: A pegboard is a garage organizer's best friend. Hooks and racks can both be attached to one, and so can shelves. Hanging up tools like your drill and a flashlight, alongside your garden hose and sheers means your stuff is off the ground, out of the way and easy to find. Shelves can also be attached to pegboard systems.

Mounted baskets/organizers: Garage organizers have thought of everything. If you think you have a piece of equipment that usually lives in a garage that they haven't found a way to store, then you'd be one in a million. There are: bike, golf, sports, skate, racquet, ski, fishing rod, ball, multi-tool, shoe/glove and garden equipment organizers to fulfill all of your storage needs.

Hooks and holders: There are also a plethora of hook and holder options to choose from. There are: cordless drill holders, helmet and hat organizers, clothes hangers and eyeglass holders.

Overhead storage: There are many types of overhead storage, too. There are some that are anchored to your garage's ceiling and have adjustable verticals. There are some that can be hoisted up and down, thereby making it easier to load and unload your stored goods. Some are simply hoists to keep things like bikes, ladders, and if you're so inclined, boats off the ground and out of the way.

Cabinets: Just like people complain about cabinet space in kitchens, so too can be said for garages. Like overhead storage, there are many cabinet options to choose from. From mounted cabinets to cabinets on casters, to various cabinet materials and sizes, cabinets will be a major purchase, and therefore one that requires some homework.

Some garage organizers offer in-home (or in garage) consultations to help you figure out your cabinet and organizing options.

With all this hardware, there's no excuse for a messy garage.

Now get organizing!