General Contractor is your eyes and ears

February 19th 2014
General Contractor is your eyes and ears

Let's consider some thoughts about home renovations so that everyone involved will have a better understanding of the process. First, let's draw the line at a general contractor to oversee your project.

You, the homeowner, do not want to have to deal with, or schedule, two or more trades, such as drywall and painting services.

Of course, you will want the drywall service first, followed by the painting service, and a general contractor can take away this worry by scheduling appointments in the proper order and allowing the proper amount of time for each one.

Once the project has been agreed upon - price, products to be used etc., and everything is down in writing, including the starting date/possible completion date and any changes signed and dealed as an extra to the original contract - the "second marriage" can sometimes start.

I say this because you may be spending more time with your general contractor than your spouse and family.

Folks, this is not necessarily the way it should be, and hence my reason for calling it a "second marriage."

Depending on the size of the project and the impact on your household, you may want to go away from the site and micro manage by communicating via the Internet or the telephone.

Your general contractor - if properly selected from the onset - can be your eyes and ears on the project.

If, at any time during the project, this link of trust is broken, you should deal with it immediately, and not when it is nearing completion.

This can be a recipe for problems. Sometimes, when I am asked for advice on renovations, I sense that a homeowner is looking for advice on being his or her own general contractor, and I tend to bow out.

I just don't believe in homeowner/contractor titles.

Over the years, I have been asked to be a facilitator too many times and believe me, I am selective as to who I agree to help or stay away from.

This could also create a "second marriage" scenario, and I don't think anyone wants that, especially if the romance started without enough thought given to the selection of choice.