Garage Door Opener Maintenance

July 12th 2016
Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Q: How often should I check the safety of my garage door opener? My father-in-law has it done regularly. The door goes up and down with no problem, so it is it still necessary to have the garage door looked at.

A: Residential garage doors should be serviced on the average every two years to ensure proper operation and replacement of any worn parts. Temperature extremes cause door tracks to expand and contract, which can hinder a smooth operation.

Here's what to look for:

1) Always test your door by hand, (if you have a garage door opener disconnect it from the door by pulling down on the release rope). Run the door up and down making sure that it is balanced properly (not too heavy to lift or to hard to pull down) and running smoothly with no binding on the door jamb or rollers binding in the track.

2) Check that all hinges and door hardware is securely attached to the door and there are no loose fasteners.

3) Lubricate all hinge points, bushings, and roller axels using silicone spray lubricant.

4) Reattach the opener to the door and check the open and close travel limits as well as the function of the safety reversing systems built into your opener.

5) Inspect the inside and outside of your door verifying the integrity of the paint finish and touch up or repaint as required. Wood doors need to be painted or stained on the inside as well as the exterior to ensure no dampness gets into the wood fibres causing the door to warp.

Spring adjustments and repairs should only be performed by a trained garage door service technician. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and can cause serious injury.