Gap In Foundation Wall

November 9th 2005
Gap In Foundation Wall

Q: I had the foundation wall of my basement repaired due to leakage. Braces were installed to secure the wall. Everything has been very good with the work done. No more leakage for a few years now. However, on the outside of the house, there is a gap large enough to fit my fingers in between the stucco and the foundation. What can I do to fill in this gap?

A: First apply a coat of Weldbond glue into the crevice. Follow this with a foam-backing rod filling the cavity leaving a 1/8-inch space from the top of the foam to the surface of the foundation. Allow this to dry for 24 hours and apply Poly Urethane Caulking over the foam to fill the 1/8th inch cavity. Draw a dry paintbrush over the caulking to texture the surface. If colour is required you can paint over the area with an exterior acrylic latex paint.

Please note: The above is not a water sealing process. If water leakage is the problem contact a professional and they will inject the area with an Epoxy Urethane.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey