Furnace Tune-Up Checklist

September 11th 2017
Furnace Tune-Up Checklist

Here is a checklist to follow if you are going to tune-up your furnace:

[ ] Clock and adjust input to the manufacturer’s rating plate specifications.

[ ] Confirm temperature rise across heat exchanger is within the manufacturer’s rating plate specifications.

[ ] Inspect and clean fan and air filter assembly.

[ ] Inspect filters or electronic air cleaner as applicable.

[ ] Inspect, adjust and clean pilot light and electronic ignition as applicable.

[ ] Visually inspect heat exchanger. (if accessible)

[ ] Inspect, clean and adjust burners.

[ ] Check electrical controls wiring and controls.

[ ] Check proper operation of venting system.

[ ] Inspect thermostat – check heat anticipator at correct setting. (as applicable)

[ ] Check condensate line/pump and secondary heat exchanger. (as applicable)

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