Fixing A Sputtering Faucet

February 26th 2015
Fixing A Sputtering Faucet



Q: When we turn on our kitchen faucets, the water sputters out, then comes at full blast, but then practically stops. The faucets appear to be in good shape. Can we do something to correct this?



A: Sputtering and inconsistent flow of water from taps is caused by a loose washer in the faucet valve. When a washer is loose, the faucet valve partly opens, causing a water siphon to draw the washer down stopping the water flow. To remedy this, replace the washer. First, turn the water off under the sink and remove the existing washer to see what size you need for replacement.

I suggest you take the old washer with you to the store to be sure you are purchasing the proper type and size of replacement washer.

Note: Washer-type faucets are becoming a thing of the past with the exception of ones that can be repaired. I would suggest new single- lever faucets that are a washerless type known as cartridge faucets.