Fix SIdewalk Sinking Towards House

June 16th 2009
Fix SIdewalk Sinking Towards House

Q:  On the east side of our house the sidewalk is right up to basement wall and water runs to the house. On the inside it is coming through on a rusted tie. Is there a product that would seal from the inside?

A:  Before fixing the problem from the inside, you will have to correct the drainage problem caused by the sloped sidewalk to have the water run away from your house.

This can be repaired by having a concrete company complete a process called slab jacking. Over time, concrete will settle and may require lifting. Slab jacking involves pumping a dense combination of clay, sand, water and other materials through a hole drilled into the concrete.

The mixture is injected by hydraulics under the sunken. Concrete slab jacking often improves drainage problems but it will not completely solve water problems if other problems exist in your drain tile perimeter drains. Contact the Referral Network at 604-542-2236 to have a drainage professional come out and investigate.

Once the water drainage problems are resolved then you can proceed to stop the water at the form snap tie using a Hydraulic Cement Patch available at most Building Supply stores. Entire concrete walls and floors can be water sealed using Cloverdale Paint's Aqua Seal.