Fix Burn Spot On Countertop

February 15th 2017
Fix Burn Spot On Countertop



Q: In our kitchen, we have a post-formed laminate countertop. Unfortunately, we have a fair-sized burn mark that looks ugly on an otherwise still decent-looking top. Is there any way to repair this other than having to replace the whole surface?

A: There is no easy fix to repair a damaged laminate countertop. An alternative to replacement would be to inlay a ceramic tile grouping to create a countertop saver area.

To begin, router out an area to allow for a patterned grouping of ceramic tile. (About 12 by 16 inches would be ideal.) Set tiles in place using silicone caulking, followed by grouting with the same caulking. No grout sealer will be required.

This will form a handy countertop saver area, get rid of the nasty burn mark and add a creative touch.

It's Just That Easy!

Here is a video of Shell repairing a burn mark on a countertop from his Home Check TV Show...