Finishing our Wood Flooring

July 30th 2002

Question from Steve in Millarville, Alberta -----

Dear Shell,

I have put reclaimed flooring (120+ year old black spruce & white pine from Nova Scotia) down through out my home. One of my friends recommended using Polo-Plaz polyurethane as the finish.

I put 2 coats of high-gloss then 3 coats of satin (left to dry 7-10 days with no traffic) but I am very dissatisfied with the finish hardness..... the floor scratches and dints very easily. (One of my neighbours used a water based product on a similar floor but as they had a contractor do the finishing they do not know the name of the product but from all appearances it is standing up better than the oil based product I used....)

Can you recommend a better finishing product that would be more durable and I can put over top of what I have now easily? Also, I am building furniture out of the same wood as the floor and would like a durable, weather proof finishing product, any suggestions? (Furniture is inside/outside stools, benches, tables, etc.)

Thanks enjoy your show.



Dear Steve,

Sounds like you are not allowing your polyurethane to cure long enough between coats. One sealer coat and two finish coats are more than adequate with 24 hours drying between coats (not just to the touch dry). My suggestion would be to use Flecto Varathane Professional Finish (black label can). For your furniture projects etc., consider SunFast by Cloverdale Paint.
Itís Just That Easy.

Shell Busey