Featured Member - Sierra Sil

April 16th 2014
Featured Member - Sierra Sil

SierraSil for Daily Aches and Pains

Whether you are a natural handy-man who enjoys working on projects around the house or car, or you are a tradesman by profession, it’s probably only a matter of time before you begin to feel the effects on the body from getting down and dirty around the home or garage. Years of stress on the body from awkward movements, heavy lifting, injury, and general physical strain can impact the body over time resulting in pains in the joints. Sore wrists and swollen fingers, creaky and aching knees, back and neck pain… sound familiar?

Often in times of desperation and the desire for a quick-fix we turn to fast relief from medications that merely mask the pain instead of addressing the underlying inflammation, not to mention the dangerous side effects with such medications. However, there is a 100% natural and Canadian owned alternative that goes to work at the cause of the pain. SierraSil is a naturally occurring clay mineral complex from the Sierra Mountains that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifier to relieve joint pain and stiffness in 14 days or less. With quality clinical research and the experience of thousands of Canadian consumers, SierraSil is a proven solution and has already helped many tradesmen and handymen from all across the country find relief from aches and pains, as well as increased flexibility and mobility.

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Here are some testimonials from some Tradesmen:


I am 63 years old and have played organized sports since I was 7. I’ve done concrete work for 30 years so my body has had lots of wear and tear including two torn rotator cuffs. I started using SierraSil a year and a half ago and it seems to have helped me improve and maintain my mobility. I still downhill ski, hike, and play 120 round of golf per year (yes, I’m retired) without joint pain. Thanks SierraSil!

- Mark M. Prince Albert


I am a 68 year old renovating carpenter and physical work has taken a toll on my body – repetitive movement and heavy lifting. I suffer from back, arm and leg weakness and discomfort. A carpenter like myself mentioned he had similar symptoms and even worse than mine, said “I swear by a product called Joint Formula 14”. He was so serious I had to try it. In the course of one week I had much better movement and comfort, also less discomfort if I work longer or harder, during a work day. I certainly recommend SierraSil to physically active people with work related trauma.

- Darwin W. Calgary