Fall Gardening Pointers

September 12th 2011
Fall Gardening Pointers

With just a little bit of work, you can overhaul your lawns health to help it thrive in the winter months. Start with a thorough raking to open the ground and expose the soil so new seeds can germinate. Aerate if necessary, to provide air, water and nutrients to the grass roots. Aerating is especially necessary for compact heavy soils. Next, level the lawn by covering the lowest areas with new soil. Overseed bare patches in an established lawn; your grass will be more lush, and moss and weeds will not have as much room to take over. A fall feeding is one of the most important of the year. Apply a fall or winter fertilizer to encourage nice green grass and healthy root development. An advantage to doing this in the winter is that nature provides enough water to germinate the seeds.

Once you have finished with your garden tools and equipment for the season, give them a good cleaning so they will last a long time. Sharpen pruners, clean up shovels and other tools using emery cloth, apply a light coating of oil, wipe, and keep them in a dry place.

With cold weather approaching, Fall is a great time to prepare and maintain your landscaping for the upcoming winter season.

- Prune shrubs and plants away from exterior siding. Cut back and dead head bedding plants and summer blooming shrubs.

- Begin Planting trees, shrubs, perennials and spring-flowering bulbs. Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus and iris are all excellent choices for spring color.

- Divide summer and spring blooming perennials.

- Clear beds of annuals by the end of October.

- Fall is still a great time to add color. Plant pansies, snapdragons, mums, kale and other fall bedding plants.

- Irrigate when needed, but slowly reduce watering so plants get ready for winter. Do not forget to water plants close to the house or under rooflines.

- Fertilize plants and lawns with organic or slow-release fertilizer.

- Check soil and add lime if required.

- Give the entire lawn a thorough raking to remove all leaves and debris that may have accumulated over the summer.

- It is a good idea to aerate lawns. Aeration pulls small bits of soil from the lawn which allows more water, air and nutrients to circulate through the soil. Aerators are available to rent.

- Give the lawn one final mowing before the start of winter.

- Reseed bare patches of grass.

- Apply a dormant oil to deciduous trees and shrubs as soon as they drop their leaves. This will kill over wintering insects and fungus. Another application should be applied in late February.

- Mulch around trees and shrubs to protect the roots from freezing. This gives them a little more insulation and holds in moisture longer during dry spells.

- Increase organic matter in beds: This will aid the soil to hold nutrients and loosen heavy/compacted soil, allowing water and air to enter and helps control weeds.

- Bring all tropical patio plants indoors; check them for pests before bringing inside.

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