Fall Energy Saving Projects

September 20th 2016
Fall Energy Saving Projects

Follow these tips to play a part in conserving energy:

  • - Use caulking and weather-stripping to seal air leaks.
  • - Install one of today's high efficient furnaces or heat pumps.
  • - Replace exterior doors.
  • - Install and use a programmable thermostat. Set it up to adjust the temperature when you are away from home or asleep. For more information go to Honeywell's website.
  • - High efficiency hot water heating system to reduce fuel consumption.
  • - Install storm windows.
  • - Energy efficient lighting like compact fluorescents.
  • - Energy efficient appliances - Look for ENERGYSTAR labels on everything from windows and sliding doors to refrigerators, washers and home electronics. The symbol means these are the most energy efficient products in each class.
  • - Remove window air conditioners for the winter.
  • - Upgrade insulation levels in walls and attic.
  • - Install Energy efficient windows, Consider Energy Star rated Low E squared with argon gas.

  • Whether you're tackling a complete home renovation project or a small fall fix up, homeowners should check into the energy efficient options available to them.
  • Information on where these services or products are available can be found on our website or by calling HouseSmart Referral Network office weekdays or go to our website anytime and look up just about any home improvement topic topic.

    Visit Natural Resources Canada for details on Rebates and Incentives that are available in various cities and provinces throughout the country.