Exhaust System for a tool shed

November 10th 2010
Exhaust System for a tool shed

Q) I am having a problem with surface rust accumulating on my tools in my insulated, approximately 500 square foot workshop. Could you recommend a small dehumidistat controlled exhaust system I can install, which will help prevent this from happening?


A) The solution you are looking for is called a WizzVent; this is a multipurpose moisture control unit, which is suited for areas such as this. It monitors any increase in humidity and will respond automatically to maintain humidity levels. This unit is easy to install as well, you simply cut a 4.5-inch hole in the outside wall, no more than a foot from the floor. Fasten the unit to the wall, attach the vent cover to the outside wall and plug in.

To locate the retailer nearest you visit www.wizzvent.com

To remove the rust from your tools, you can use a product called "Rust Off" from Wash Safe Canada.  You can soak the tools in "Rust Off" to remove the rust.

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