Excess Moisture Within the Home

December 18th 2003
Excess Moisture Within the Home

Q: We have a home which is approximately thirty years old. When we moved in we discovered that the attic had been blown full of insulation and there were no vents in the soffits, so we installed those. We also replaced the single aluminum windows with double vinyl ones. I think that in the process of making the house 'warmer', we've created a moisture buildup problem. When the weather gets cooler there is a big condensation problem on the windows. I know from listening to your show the way to alleviate it is to install something but I forgotten what it is called. Is there such a thing a small appliance de-humidifier and would that help?

Maria, Mission

A: Yes, your concern is with the high relative humidity in your home. Excess moisture within the home can be handled in a number of ways. Consider the installation of a low sone (quiet) exhaust fan that is controlled by a dehumidistat.

Those with moisture problems in their crawl space can find relief from the problem with a Humidex system. Please call Humidex at 1-800-416-9111 regarding a Humidex Ventilation System.