Eliminating Wood Entrance Door Draft

December 9th 2009
Eliminating Wood Entrance Door Draft

Q. We are renting a house that has a wood entrance door that is not very tight inside the frame. In the winter a small space between the door and the frame gets very drafty. What would be the best way to seal the space so we don't lose too much heat?


A. Wood doors are very susceptible to temperature change; the wood fibres expand and contract depending on the weather outside and the temperatures inside causing the door to warp. Installing security hardware retains the door in the frame allowing the top and bottom to move in and out.

Use quality Spring-loaded weather stripping which will follow the door as it moves sealing out the weather. Considering cold air infiltration can increase your heating bill, adding weatherstripping costs little money, making it well worth your time and effort.

It's just that easy!

Shell Busey