Eliminating Re-occurring Rodent Infestation

February 10th 2010
Eliminating Re-occurring Rodent Infestation

Q. We have an ongoing problem with rats nesting in our shed and we are wondering if those electronic pest chasers would work to keep them away. Two years ago one made it's way into our attic so we want to make sure we deal with this before it happens again. We have pets and kids so do not want to put poison out.


A. Once rodents find a comfortable place to make a home they will keep coming back, especially if there is a food source near by such as bird feeders, grass seed, barbecues and garbage or recycling bins. To begin, it's important to get rid of potential food sources and eliminate any points of entry in both sheds and houses. A point of entry for a rat is roughly the size of a loonie. Seal openings where pipes and wires enter the foundation, siding and soffits, e.g., around outdoor faucets, clothes dryer vents, telephone/cable wires and continuous soffit venting. These are common entry points for rats, mice, squirrels and birds. Commonly used item to seal entry points could be steel wool or galvanized quarter-inch hardware cloth.

Since an infestation can happen quickly if not dealt with, I would recommend hiring a pest control company sooner rather than later. If you suspect you have a problem inside the home, traps are a better solution for rodent issues. Poisons should be avoided since you never know where a poisoned rodent could end up and result in the accidental poisoning of pets and other animals that eat the bait. Another problem is that if the rodent dies in a wall, you're stuck with its odor. Contact Shell Busey's Home Service Referral Network to have a Pest Control professional in your area come out and they can provide you with a "Point Of Entry Inspection" to avoid future issues.

Shell Busey