Electrical Wiring Hint

April 8th 2002

Electrical wiring is installed by many homeowners by using exterior extension cords; for example when putting up festive lights.

Why not install permanent wiring?

Before the weather gets cold is the best time to do this type of installation. First locate the area where it would be best to have exterior receptacles to make festive light installation convenient.

Purchase the required 14/2 exterior wire and boxes as per electrical code requirements. (Book available at your local Tim-Br-Mart store “Electrical Code Made Easy”) Follow the instructions to install wiring back to the electrical panel and don’t forget the G.F.I. (“Ground Fault Interceptor”).

NOTE: Before you start your project check with your local building permits office to see if a permit is required. ALSO: If you are not inclined to do the type of work yourself hire an electrician.