Electrical Safety Day

May 11th 2016
Electrical Safety Day

BC Hydro is reminding British Columbians about the importance of electrical safety. On May 11, more than 225 classrooms in B.C. will participate in BC Hydro's Electrical Safety Day in schools.

The initiative was designed to raise awareness to the hazards of electricity and promote safety. Participating elementary and secondary students across the province will be led through an interactive video that demonstrates the key safety elements of downed power lines. This year's safety theme is "Down. Danger. Dial."

A downed power line is considered an emergency, even if it's not sparking or emitting buzzing sounds. British Columbians who come across a downed power line should stay at least 10 metres back – the length of a standard bus – and call emergency responders who will ensure the area is safe.

There are a number of ways British Columbians can stay safe at home or outside in the community.

BC Hydro is reminding the public to follow these tips:

  • -  Call a certified electrician to do any wiring in your home.
  • -  Turn off all appliances and lights that are on the circuit before changing the fuse.
  • -  Pull the plug, not the cord, when disconnecting an electrical device.
  • -  Do not climb on electrical equipment or power poles.
  • -  Choose trees the right size when planting near power lines and stay safe when pruning or trimming.
  • -  Contact BC One Call at 1 800 474 6886 before digging in your yard.