Draft Problem

August 9th 2002

Question from Jim in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan -----

We have this problem on a brand new house, it is in the bonus room above garage on two story house where the two furnace vents are in the front of the bonus room. After taking out the vent covers we noticed a lot of cold air coming in from around the vent.

The builder contacted the insulation company and they went into the garage and by code where they had insulated and drywalled, they removed the drywall and insulation in area below the leaking vent areas and reinsulated with rigid insulation and re-drywalled.

After this, we checked and still you can feel air coming thru areas around these two furnace vents. This is when furnace is not running. The builder is stymied with this problem, as are we. Can you suggest what you think the problem is and were this air is coming from? It is worse on a windy day, only half of garage is insulated and drywalled where the bonus room is over the garage also we have similar problem with air coming in at fireplace in great room on main floor the panel under fireplace where you adjust flame and light this gas fireplace has a lot of air coming in. The builder is also baffled where the air is coming from as we have gone to similar homes with same fireplaces and they have no air leakage in this area. Hoping you can reply and offer your suggestions.

Thank you so much and have a great day!!!



Dear Jim,

Your concern is most likely caused by your home drafting out negative air on a windy day. You should have your home draft proofed to stop this air leakage. Your local energy utility company may have a program called the Energuide for Houses Program sponsored by Natural Resources Canada. They will do a door fan test to locate all air leakage points. If your local energy company doesnít offer this service, they may be able to advise you of contractors in your area that do.

Also, you can order a well-written information sheet call Air Leakage by calling Natural Resources Canada by calling 1-800-387-2000.

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