Do Not Wait To Service Furnace

September 25th 2015
Do Not Wait To Service Furnace



Q: I have been advised that it is a good idea to have our furnace checked ahead of the heating season. I am not sure I want to spend the money now not knowing whether the furnace requires any pre heating season maintenance.



A: My advice is to do it now. Once the cooler weather sets in or in case of a cold snap heating contractors are inundated with calls from homeowners eager to get their heating systems checked. I always like to remind homeowners to beat the winter rush by arranging a visit from a heating contractor before cold weather sets in and you turn on your furnace only to find that it is not working. Then you may experience a long wait to have it repaired or possibly replaced.


There are many components to a heating system that should not be neglected and require a regular inspection which will check the heat exchanger, ignition system, fan, motor, bearings, belts, pumps, controls, exhaust, burners, pilot light, thermostat, venting system and filters. Potential problem areas can be identified and necessary tune-ups made. Attending to these items will ensure that your furnace not only runs safely but will also maximize the life of the system.


So please do not wait until you have to sit shivering in blankets waiting for a furnace repairman. Get it looked at now.