DIY Bathroom Floor

August 22nd 2014
DIY Bathroom Floor



Q: We have a small powder room that requires new flooring. We do not want to do anything too elaborate at this time as we plan to completely renovate in the near future. Could we place new lino ourselves?



A: Yes, you can. Homeowners tend to shy away from this job because small bathrooms tend to have too many nooks and crannies.

First, remove the toilet. Then, using heavy glossy magazine or newspaper flyer paper, carefully cover the entire floor area, marking the toilet and heat duct spaces.

Tape the paper pieces together using masking tape to make one full-sized template pattern. This will be the size of your floor area and act as your cutting guide. Lay the pattern on top of the lino. Cut with nippers, allowing an extra half-inch around the edges. You will trim this later with a lino knife.

If the existing flooring has a heavy pattern indent, scrub the area, rinse well and fill with floor leveller. When applying the new lino, it would be best to use non-glue-down type and install with double-face tape.

When reinstalling the toilet, be sure to purchase a new wax seal. Always apply the wax seal to bottom of the toilet before placing over the floor flange.