Discoloured Tiles In The Bathroom

March 7th 2005
Discoloured Tiles In The Bathroom

Dear Shell,

I have shaded, but mostly white porcelain tile in our ensuite. Where we stand (in front of the sink mostly) it is very discoloured from our bare feet. How do we clean this and then do we need to re-seal it? This tile is over a heat pad if this makes any difference to your answer. Our home is only four years old so this may be an ongoing problem for us.


Dear Mavis,

Ceramic tile and grout joints have always been a concern in areas that bare feet come in contact with. The fact that the floor has a heat pad does not make any difference. Body oils will cause a yellowing appearance and if left unattended become very difficult to remove. Coming early this spring under my new label "It's Just That Easy Cleaning Solutions" there is a ceramic tile cleaner that will work for your problem. Watch for it at your local Building Supply and Hardware stores.

It"s Just That Easy,