Discolored Grout Between Tiles

December 9th 2009
Discolored Grout Between Tiles

Q: We have white tile grout between the ceramic tiles in my bathroom and front hall that have become discoloured over the years with dirt and grime. Can we change the colour of the grout to a grey or is there a company that can professionally clean the grout lines.

Irene, Surrey

A: It is possible to either stain the grout darker or have a company come out to have it professionally cleaned. To stain the grout darker, purchase a grout stain available through Ames Tile and Stone.

First, the grout must be completely clean and dry before you proceed to stain the grout. They can also suggest a suitable grout cleaning product or consider cleaning your grout with It's Just That Easy Tile and Grout Cleaner. Contact Twin Maple at 1-800-663-8898 for a retailer. Be sure to carefully read and follow manufacturer's directions.

Also, you can contact the Shell Busey's Home Services Referral Office at 604-542-2236 to locate a company in your area that can professionally clean and restore the grout in addition to applying a sealer which will help to keep it more resilient to dirt setting in.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey