Dealing With Hard Water

July 22nd 2014
Dealing With Hard Water



Q: We live in an area that has hard water. Our new shower head worked well when we installed it, but now is clogging up and only giving us a trickle of water. I do not want to have to replace it again. Is there a solution?




A: In some areas, water may contain high levels of natural minerals such as calcium, especially if it is from a well.


Minerals in water can cause deposits to build up on areas that have constant water moving through them. The most common areas that you will notice are the shower head, bath tub or basins and faucets. Even furnace and portable humidifiers and coffee pots may show signs of buildup. High levels of lime and calcium seem to be the worst.


To clean the shower head, remove and soak in a bath of white vinegar overnight. This will loosen the mineral deposits; you can then use a brush to remove the particles. Rinse well and replace the head to enjoy a great shower. You will likely need to repeat this process periodically.