Cut Down on Your Hot Water Consumption

November 29th 2017
Cut Down on Your Hot Water Consumption

Here are a few tips that can help

- Fix leaky taps immediately! A hot water tap, dripping once every second, wastes 720 litres (160 gallons) per month!  That's 16 hot baths!

- Install low-flow showerheads and flow reducer devices on taps.

- Going away? Turn the water heater to the pilot setting.

- Use cold water to rinse hands and dishes. How many times have you turned on the hot water tap, but finished washing your hands before the water goes hot? All you have done is filled the pipe with hot water.

- Run washing machine with full loads, and rinse with cold water.

- Use dishwasher only when it's fully loaded. Use "energy saver" cycle if it's available.

- If you have an electric water heater, wrap it up in an insulating jacket designed for this purpose. Insulation kits are available at hardware stores, and are quickly and easily strapped around the outside with tape.

- Insulate long stretches of hot water pipes passing through unheated areas. (Any pipe within one meter of the tank should be wrapped in a preformed pipe insulation like Thermoflex.) Special wrap is available at hardware and building supply stores. Be sure to use heat resistant wrap.

- Add hot to cold rather than cold to hot when you need warm water.

- Rather than rinsing dishes separately under a tap (this can use up to 15 gallons of water per meal), put them in the drainer and pour a bowl of water over them.

- Shampoo you hair in a sink instead of the shower and you'll use about 1/3 as much hot water.

It's Just That Easy!