Customer Feedback - Shell Busey's Home Improvements

November 23rd 2016
Customer Feedback - Shell Busey

We received some feedback from a customer of Shell Busey's Home Improvements and Renovations this week.  Below are the kind comments...

This letter is to convey special thanks to Mike Olma for carrying out minor renovations on my older home (Tudor-Style) in the Ocean Park neighbourhood.

My late husband (James Clarke) and I purchased this home in the early nineties.  Over the years, we hired different tradesmen, but none measured up to the high standard of Mike Olma.

Following my initial call to your office, I received a telephone call from Mike, who immediately arranged a house call to check what needed attention.  During our brief meeting, Mike inspected the two projects, gave me an estimate and away he went, promising to be in touch again shortly.  I was delighted when he telephoned on Sunday afternoon to let me know when to expect him.  During this conversation, Mike also mentioned that he had given further thought to the fence dilemma and had a better suggestion on how to address the problem.

Despite inclement weather, Mike managed to do the work in a timely manner and I am more than thrilled with not only Mike’s workmanship and high standard, but, also, his courtesy and friendly disposition.

In closing, may I suggest a ‘Jewel in the Crown’ Award be given to Mike Olma, as, in my humble opinion, he deserves recognition for his work ethics, which far surpass most in the Home Improvement Industry.