Customer Feedback - MAC Roofing

June 15th 2016
Customer Feedback - MAC Roofing

Shell Busey's Home Service Referral Network received feedback from one of our users who was thrilled with the level of service offered by MAC Roofing...

I have periodically used your Contractor Referral service to find a trustworthy contractor for our little Strata. Recently I was searching for a roofing contractor to help with a problem with a torch down roof over top of a crawl space in our complex. This was an odd issue in that the unit is only 5 years old and has a small leak located somewhere in the centre of the roof right around the drain. When the original contractors were contacted they sent out two installers to assess the cause of the leak. The Installers told me the leak was the result of a defective drain/flashing and that the torch down in the surrounding area would need to be removed and the drain/flashing replaced. A short time later I received a call from the company receptionist who advised me that the company would not repair the problem as the drain/flashing was not warranted. She claimed that only the torch down membrane was warranted. She further added that the manager had made this decision and if I wanted them to fix the problem I would have to agree to pay for the service and material.


Needless to say I was stunned since the drain/flashing and the membrane make up in integral part of the roof.


In any event since I had lost all confidence in the trustworthiness of the original contractor "Best Quality Roofing" I thought better to find a reputable contractor to inspect the roof and advise as to the best course to follow and to provide an estimate of the repairs. Naturally as had been my practice in the past I searched your site for a suitable contractor. After reviewing your list and checking the contractors web site I settled on MAC Roofing. They seemed to specialize in torch down roofing.


I was pleasantly surprised when the owner, Todd McDonald, called me personally and agreed to come by to examine the problem. Todd came by yesterday and I explained the problem with the original contractor who would not provide any assistance unless I agreed to pay for the repairs. I also explained to Todd that from my reading of the roofing guarantee it specified 10 year labour guarantee and 20 year manufacture warranty. I was a bit concerned that when Todd realized that the problem appeared to be covered by a warranty he would suggest that go back and press the original contractor to take responsibility for the repairs and say that there was nothing that he could do and leave.


To my surprise Todd offered to assess the situation and we proceeded to expose the area that appeared to be the cause of the leak and then proceed to the crawl space to examine that area. Todd made several suggestions on how I could narrow down where the leak might be originating from. He had several thought on what might be causing the problem and suggested I focus on those and call him if I needed further help. He spent about 45 minutes with me. I proceeded to follow his suggestions and as I proceeded I called to Todd to provide feedback and to seek his further advice on what to do next. He showed amazing patience and provided helpful suggestions on what to do next. I called him three times and each time he answered the phone quickly and provided helpful guidance on what to do.


Todd did all of this while at the same time suggesting that at the end of the day when we have it figured out I should press the original contractor to honour the warranty. He also provided information on the manufacturers of both the drain/flashing and the torch down so I could contact them if needed.


In short he was wonderful. I only wish there were more contractors like Todd. He is someone who instantly makes you feel like you matter and he is there to help. Many, many thanks Todd



Coquitlam BC