Customer Feedback - Avante Concrete

May 24th 2012
Customer Feedback - Avante Concrete

Here's a great customer letter we recently received due to a referral made from our office to one of our network members.

Dear David Jorge - Avante Concrete & Shell Busey’s HouseSmart

Last month you were referred to us by Shell Busey's HouseSmart Referral Network and came out to look at my mother’s driveway and foundation in Langley.   She had gotten concerned over cracks and sloping that she had noticed in the slab and driveway, and was worried that it represented a real problem for the foundation.  After a quick look around you quickly determined there was no real problem, that what the house was experiencing appeared normal for the age and type.  Despite there being no real work opportunities at her house, you spent roughly 45 minutes answering her questions and explaining to us what your observations were and what they meant and a friendly, no rush manner.   It went a long way to avail her of her concerns.  You provided her real value, and I wanted to thank you.

Anthony, Langley BC