Current Rebates and Incentives

August 11th 2016
Current Rebates and Incentives

LiveSmart BC programs are designed to empower British Columbia citizens, businesses and consumers to make smarter, greener lifestyle choices. The decision to take climate action may come in the form of behaviour changes (modes of transportation, home utility usage), consumer choices (energy and fuel efficient products, home heating systems), or efficiency and conservation decisions (home retrofits, business upgrades).

Rebates and incentives listed are designed to decrease your energy consumption (electricity, natural gas, motor fuel) and help you enjoy savings from lower monthly bills.

By taking advantage of these opportunities you will not only reduce your carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) and save money, but you will also be supporting the Province's goals of meeting carbon reduction targets and developing a greener economy.

Rebates are offered through Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program, BC Hydro PowerSmart and FortisBC rebates and programs

NOTE:  This was originally posed on LiveSmart BC