Creating the Big Screen Experience in Your Own Home

March 10th 2006
Creating the Big Screen Experience in Your Own Home

Home renovation trends show that Canadians are customizing their homes by creating specialized rooms. Home theatres continue to grow in popularity making them a must have in new homes and one of the more popular renovations. According to recent data from Motion Picture Theatres Survey, homeowners appeared to be more inclined to watch movies in their living rooms than venture out to the theatre.

"We are seeing a trend with the new homebuilders; instead of a recreation room, many homes have a dedicated room for watching movies complete with surround sound," says Andy Kahrmann, London Custom Works, Audio/Video Systems. "If you are building a new home or planning a renovation, it makes sense to plan the theatre and sound system at the same time. A design consultant can meet you in your home, discuss your "vision" and depending on the status of your home, if it is a brand new home just being built they can meet with your contractor, designer or architect and review the plans and timelines. If it's an existing home they will walk through with you and discuss what you want to do and what they can do to facilitate it. After that they will create a design for your home and establish a time line for installation."

To create the ultimate home theatre experience, it's essential to install effective sound control. New technology in the area of sound control will ensure your theatre experience will not be interrupted by household noises and at the same time not disturb the rest of the family. QuietRock, a soundproof drywall is now available through Dryco Building Supplies. It hangs and finishes just like standard drywall, while significantly blocking noise from entering adjacent rooms. QuietRock has the highest tested-assembly STC ratings of any drywall product and can be installed just like regular drywall or over existing drywall. Another option available is Roxul's Safe'n'Sound, a mineral wool insulation specifically designed for use in interior walls to reduce sound transmission.

With technology growing and changing constantly there is a large growth in home multi-media systems. A multi-room audio system allows you to have one audio system that will provide sound throughout the house; this is in contrast to the old method of buying separate stereo systems for each room.

How long does installation take? Depending on the size of the project it may take as little as a few hours, or of course longer for more extensive work. In new homes it's best to install before the drywall is up so that all the wires are hidden, similar to what an electrician does.

Building a home theatre involves some important decisions. Various specialist home contractors can help construct an appropriate environment for your home theatre. They can design acoustically optimized home theatres, media rooms and precision listening. CustomWorks, a division of London Drugs specializes in high-end home theatre, home automation and multi room audio and their installers are certified through CEDIA - Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.