Crawlspace finishing

March 26th 2000
Crawlspace finishing

Red Deer, AB

Dear Shell,

We have a 4 level split home (1973 vintage) with a 4-foot crawlspace beside the 4th level (below the 3rd ). It was not finished and is just dirt with the footings about 4" above that. The crawl space is all beneath grade but is too damp for storage and gives a dirty, musty odor into the 4th level. To finish it properly with concrete is too expensive and difficult. Is there a way to finish this area so it can be usable for storage and be damp and smelly?

Thanks, Kevin

Dear Kevin,

First, level the area with a rake making sure there are no sharp stones present. Spread 1" of dry sand over the entire area. Lay 6 mil poly over the entire sand area overlapping 12" on the seams. Run the poly up the walls approximately 12" and seal to the concrete with acoustical cement. Lay 2 x 4's over the plastic 24" on centre and nail O.S.B board to the 2x4's creating a storage floor.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey