Cracks In Concrete Floors - Shell Busey

January 8th 2015
Cracks In Concrete Floors - Shell Busey




Q: We plan to finish our basement over the winter months. We have noticed that there is a crack in the concrete floor where the floor and the foundation wall meet. Is this something we need to address before proceeding and if so, what should we do?



A: Cracks along the base of a concrete basement wall should be filled before proceeding with the finishing.


Basement concrete floors are poured over the footing walls by approximately two inches. When the floor is finished settling, a crack may appear.


To fill the crack, use a thin slurry mix of hydraulic cement and Weldbond adhesive. Mix one cup of Weldbond adhesive with one cup of hydraulic cement, adding enough water to produce a thin slurry mix. Place mixture in the crack, allowing it to flow down into the crevice, filling from top to bottom. This will seal any potential water leaks.


Here is a video from Shell's Home Check TV Show on fixing an exterior concrete crack...