Cracked Stucco

August 9th 2002

Question from David in Parksville, B.C. -----

Our house was built in 1994 and has an acrylic stucco finish. It is a 2 story home. On the northeast side of the house (bottom story only) the stucco has cracked and just this winter rust marks have appeared down the cracks.




Dear David,

You may want to repair the cracks and coat your home with an elastomeric coating. First prepare the stucco by washing it with Shell Busey’s Home Cleaning Formula and rinse it well. Caulk the cracks with acrylic latex caulking. When the caulking has cured, apply a coat of elastomeric coating (such as Cloverdale’s Towerthon or any brand of high quality elastomeric coating) over the entire stucco surface. Dampen your stucco with water before you apply your first coat. You should not dampen it for your second coat and make sure that you don’t apply the coating in direct sunlight.

If this is something that you want to have done professionally, I suggest you call the folks at CHIC Liquid Vinyl Siding at 604-436-6200 or by email to You can find out more about their product and service by visiting their website at

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