Congrats to Dave Jorge from Avante Concrete

May 25th 2015
Congrats to Dave Jorge from Avante Concrete



Congrats to HouseSmart Referral Member, Dave Jorge from Avante Concrete who won Masterchef Canada last night!!


Here is an article from the 24 hour newspaper in Vancouver, it was written by Mark Daniell of Postmedia Network...



If there’s one thing MasterChef Canada has taught us, it’s that there’s no such thing as a sure win. But throughout Season 2, home cook David Jorge was the next best thing.


In what was widely considered his competition to lose, the Surrey, B.C., concrete contractor took home the crown of MasterChef Canada after serving judges Claudio Aprile, Michael Bonacini and Alvin ‘Demon Chef’ Leung his restaurant-quality meal: tomatoes five ways, pork and clams (using geoduck) and an elevated version of his wife’s favourite lemon tart.


His competition - Moncton, N.B.’s Line Pelletier - didn’t go down without a fight, easily besting Jorge’s appetizer with her foie-gras/ lobster concoction.


“I was worried,” Jorge tells Postmedia Network as he recalls how Sunday night’s show kicked off. “She had a beautiful appetizer… It was not comforting, so I needed to make sure my next two dishes were perfect.”


Going into Sunday night’s battle, Jorge says he wasn’t focused on his competition. He could have just as easily seen Kevin (Gregory), Kyle (McKenna) or Sabrina (Poirier) in the finale.


“The first two were extremely talented individuals; extremely good at what they were doing. But they got themselves in trouble by trying to do too much, too early… Sabrina was also very strong; she knew her stuff.”


After Pelletier’s knockout first course, she served an artistic rendition of elk, presented in a tree of fried potatoes. But it was her undercooked meat that ultimately tilted the competition in favour of Jorge.


“I like my meat more on the rare side; that’s a personal preference,” Pelletier tells Postmedia Network. “I like my salmon not-too-cooked, I like my meat not-too-cooked. So yes, for some people, maybe (cooking it) 20 seconds longer would have been better, but for me it was fine. I had (eliminated contestant) Tammy (Wood) on the balcony telling me it was fine, and she’s the elk queen. So I went on my gut and it is what it is.”


For dessert, Pelletier served a gussied up cheese plate, including a pistachio brittle, but by then Jorge was already running away with the win.


“I just focused on my food,” Jorge says. “I knew I was my own worst enemy if I chose to be and I felt very confident in my dishes.”


After having had time to digest Sunday’ finale, Pelletier sticks by her her main course.


“That dish was inspired by Tammy and and my parents… it was an ode to my father, who is now deceased, and to Tammy who empowered me as a woman. So no, I wouldn’t change that dish at all. it’s for the people that I’ve known and loved and that have inspired me in my life - all on a plate.”


For Jorge, he calls MasterChef one of the biggest gambles of his life. The title, along with the $100,000 prize, will now allow him to open his first restaurant in either Surrey or Vancouver, though he’s hoping it’s the former.


“I knew for years that I wanted to be part of a cooking show; it’s been a lifelong dream to do that, I just didn’t know when it would happen.”


Trying out for MasterChef Canada was the first step in making that change.


“I’ve actually never laid a brick,” he laughs. “I’m a second-generation person in the business. I’m very proud of the business, but I wanted a restaurant. I always have. Part of the reason I tried out for the show was for the recognition that I’m a good cook. It was going to be a lot more difficult for me to start a restaurant as the concrete guy. But regardless of what place I came in on the show that was going to help out in the opening of a restaurant.”


Pelletier and Jorge know there are probably thousands of Canadian home cooks harbouring the same dreams they both had a year ago. Their advice: “Just do it.”


“The world is my oyster now,” Pelletier says. “I now realize that being a computer tech is not my dream job. It’s not what I want to be when I grow up - even though I’m grown up. It’s going to be something to do with food.”


“Anyone who’s thinking of trying out, do it,” Jorge adds. “The competition was so much fun. Don’t even hesitate.”